Sometimes Mother Nature Says to Rest

A winter storm has reached down from the north to blanket the low country of South Carolina and Georgia with ice and snow and that does not happen very often.  It has been since 2010 that we had the last measurable snow fall and being from West Virginia it is nice to see some snow which will melt in a day or two.  We were just in Buffalo, NY for Christmas and saw plenty of snow.  But it is something that kids in the south don’t often get to experience.  With schools closed for a couple days local kids, many who have never seen snow, are outside throwing snowballs, making snow angels, building a snow man, and if they can find some sloping ground, riding an inner tube down a hill.

With temperatures in the 30’s and battling a cold it makes me think that Mother Nature is speaking to me about finding other things to do indoors to keep active.   Or perhaps it is time to take a few days off to rest.  Occasionally I overdue it when it comes to exercising and push myself a bit too far resulting in aches and pains.  Those aches and pains are my body telling me to back off a bit.  If any type of exercise causes you discomfort you are pushing yourself beyond your bodies ability to positively respond to the stresses placed upon it.  Always listen to your body.  It does speak to you.


A rare scene in the low country of South Carolina.  The plastic tent is my attempt to protect a small orange tree we planted last spring.


As my daughter said, “Palm trees and snow don’t go together.”

On days like this when you don’t feel like venturing outside you look for indoor activities to keep you moving.  You can curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate,  organize your office or garage, go through your closets and gather clothes you have been thinking of donating to Good Will or other charitable organizations, or catch up on movies you have recorded on your DVR.  I know some of these suggestions do not involve too much moving but you will at least be accomplishing something positive.  I had an aunt whose daily goal was to accomplish one thing.  That sounds like a good goal to me.

It is okay to sit around and relax on days when the weather is bad and you can’t get outside.  Don’t feel guilty and just enjoy the time you have at home.  Wasn’t it part of an old McDonald’s commercial jingle that once said, ‘You deserve a break today…’?  So take a break and you will be ready to get moving when the weather clears.