IMG_3244My name is Doug and I was fortunate to be able to take an early retirement at age 55.  My wife and I moved to the lowcountry of South Carolina where I began a second career before retiring again at age 61.   At that age I was not ready to sit in my recliner, watch television, and fade away.  I have been blessed with good health, a desire to participate in different activities, and to live in the lowcountry of South Carolina, specifically Sun City Hilton Head, where the climate is condusive to year-round activities.  My go to phrase is “Keep Moving”, because we only get one chance after retiring to do the things we never had  time to do early in life because of our careers, family obligations, etc.

Through these blogs I will describe my experience transitioning from work to retirement and my efforts to “Keep Moving”.  Hopefully other retirees will be enacouraged to remain active through physical and other pursuits while understanding that not everyone has a desire for the types of activities I will be referencing in future blogs.

Many things go into planning for retirement.  Solid financial planning is the cornerstone of any retirement plan.   However, once that is in place develop an initial plan of what you want to do with all the time you will have on your hands.  Whether that will be sporting activities, volunteering, continuing to work part-time, gardening, traveling, etc.   Keep in mind that once you are retired your intitial plans may change based upon discovering activities and pursuits that present themselves as a result of living in the lowcountry or the mountains or where ever life takes you.

The bottom line is to “Keep Moving” and enjoy your retirement.