Don’t Jump in Feet First

bikinglowcountryMy thoughts about “Keep Moving” primarily refers to physical activities that provide health benefits, refresh the mind, body, and soul, and add to the overall enjoyment of our retirement years.  If you have a desire to participate in athletic events such as senior softball, pickleball, tennis, bicycling, or even ballroom dancing, and you have avoided physical activity for years I highly recomment getting a physical to get a doctor’s blessing before beginning some type of physical activity.  Then begin a training or excercise program for a month or two to reintroduce your body to its younger self.  It is not uncommon to see someone come onto a field with no training, injure themselves and then spend weeks recovering.  That can be demoralizing.  Early training will not prevent injuries but will greatly improve your chances to keep playing at a higher level. Even college and professional athletes undergo training camps to get themselves in to playing shape.  We must remember that while our mind will tell us we can do things we did when we were 18, our bodies have the final say.